Friday, June 15, 2007

hello people who have stumbled on to my site

First of all, thank you blograters. I love you guys. Hopefully more people will see this site and enjoy my writing. Or, if you're here from my facebook market posting, thank you too!

Now, inter-blaggers, you may be wondering, what does this kid think he's doing, what with all his blogginating and so forth? Well, I like to write. About everything. That's this blogs unifying theme: what interests me. Because I know what's best for me to write about so that when you read it it doesn't suck too much. I've scoured the archives and have chosen a sampling of what I have done. If you just want to read a few, make sure to go to 2, 3, 8 and 12. No, I will not rearrange them, they are in reverse chronological order.

  1. Things that are always funny pt. 1 pt deux
  2. The Cancun Story
  3. I expose Dave Grohl and the guy from Taking Back Sunday as the same person.
  4. My take on the Great RPS Debate. Just a note, I almost won 25,000 for rock paper scissors up at BYU, but lost to a cheater who didn't let his next opponent watch his previous match. And the contest went by the dumb rules, and I was quoted in a local newspaper denouncing the tournament's un-American rules.
  5. One of my longest posts. I had a lot in it, and I really like to read it. Somewhat comical.
  6. Pre and Post Thanksgiving assessments
  7. My Life, at one point
  8. I do more and more posts that are just pictures with comments. I like them. Especially the second one- If nothing else, read that one.
  9. The BYU conundrum
  10. I am calling the last Harry Potter book out.
  11. My 50th post. It' a little introspective, but I really like it because that was a time in my life where I was changing a lot.
  12. Most cocaine in a breakfast cereal.

You can read the rest of the archives, if you wish. There are far more posts than I would have liked that are just a few sentences, but there are a few that are worth reading if you've thoroughly enjoyed any of the posts I've listed. I hope that my blog can provide a source of inspiration, of warmth, and of humor over this summer and upcoming fall.

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elasticwaistbandlady said...

I've been here from the beginning. Who else can say that? My daughter, Sunbum, painted your mom's toenails at Girls Camp last week. Who else can say that? I've known you since your snotty middle school days. Who else can say that? Well, I mean, outside of your family and friends, and everything....