Monday, April 24, 2006

I'm Dishing out Some Dirt

People of the world, I have an announcement. I am going to Prom with someone amazing. But I also have something else to say, totally unrelated. You know why blogger has been so slow? It's because of this bit of awesome that I am about to unleash on the world. In fact, they scheduled an outage at 4PM PDT just so as to prepare their servers for the unleashing of the most controversial comparison of two music videos, and indeed two members of different bands ever of all time.

Has anyone seen the new Taking Back Sunday music video? Well, let's just say the song is called, "MakeD***Sure" and features closeups of the lead singer, bassist, drummer, etc, with quick transitions to animal sequences and quick real life snippets spliced all together. Now wait a tick... I've seen this music video, it was called, "The Best of You" by The Foo Fighters.

Further proof:

so called "Dave Grohl" (note the long hair, beard)

and the guy from taking back Sunday

Are they not one in the same? The video from TBS can be viewed here. You just wait til this crisis has escalated to unknown proportions. I will be famous. I happened to notice that both videos contain the exact same "snake attacking a rat" footage as was shown in several of my biology class videos. I can only hope that this is all worked out peacefully and amazingly awesomely.

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elasticwaistbandlady said...

Going away to college and a date for the Prom? My little blogger stalkee is all grown up now. *sniff*

Think seeing the same rat/snake (Hmm, would that be a cross between 80's bands Ratt and Whitesnake?) video footage is repetitious? One of my favorite songs is "The Eyes Of A Stranger", by Queensryche. The song opens up in an emergency room and you hear a nurse over the intercom calling, "Paging Dr. Davis", a few times. Since that CD's release back in the late 80's I have heard that same sound clip used on T.V. shows, movies, and commercials. How's THAT for musical conspiracies?

Blog about your Prom date. I'm bored and nosy.