Wednesday, June 20, 2007

the sweetest thing

I'm a working man, working 8-5 figuring out everything I need to do, and overall I'm enjoying it. Though, admittedly I am working at Greenspoint which is at times a bit scary, but overall it's not too bad because the office I'm working at has plenty of places for lunch right next to it, and soon I'll probably just bring my own lunch.
The only thing that I could really ask for is my own car, but even that isn't too important because I'm able to ride with my dad or mom. As soon as every who's over goes back home, I'll probably be able to take my mom's car to work. I do love having my sister and nephew over- he's so adorable, everything he does just makes me smile. He's really entranced by lights and fans, and we have plenty of them for him to stare at.
At my work they have these amazing coffee machines- they have built in packets of different kinds of coffee, but also they have hot chocolate and a milky way based hot cocoa. I've come to be addicted to the milky way based cocoa, because it's just so good. I might have to get my own mug, because when the door opens up for you to put these packets in, if your styrofoam cup is too big, it will crush the edge.
I should be getting my new laptop bag by this weekend, which I am super excited about. It's gotten rave reviews at and I'm very impressed with all the technical specs- everyone says it's big enough to hold a lot of stuff, but it never gets too bulky. Sounds like the perfect bag, but I'll be the real judge of that. I'm obsessively tracking it at FedEx because I'm a little too involved in delivery sometimes. But I also love tracking things- watching stock trends, shipping orders, migration patterns, and os much more. There's so many interesting things, mostly I get my maps and trend diagrams from but I just go with whatever my Google Reader is giving me at the time.
I also obsessively read The Consumerist because it intrigues me, but I really want to start reading The Economist because I love economics with an unholy passion and it seems to be the highest quality magazine with the best written articles widely available for a reasonable price. That was a rather long sentence, I cannot deny that, though this one might turn out longer because it is, in fact, an observation of the former, which observation must indeed exceed the observed lest such observation becomes null and is simply a restatement of the previous sentence when in fact the observation must observe the previous sentence as well as itself. I love being intelligent.


Anonymous said...

I love The Economist. I'm thinking about subscribing. Or signing up for the four free issues. Of course, you know what they say, there's no such thing as a free issue of The Economist. Or lunch.

Did we already discuss this? If I get a subscription for my birthday I'll let you have the back issues.

Anonymous said...

"Youngest Older sister (Random things)"

Random Things? I was hoping for Leftist Ramblings.

elasticwaistbandlady said...

I'm really into stock trends too! I hear that beef stock has really become passe thanks to the Mad Cow breakout. Most cooks have switched to a solid vegetable stock base to whip up their culinary delights.

The blogging world has introduced me to some really interesting people. I regularly converse with a Malaysian teenager, exactly your age, who is astoundingly bright. There's also a guy in Michigan who graduated valedictorian last month and is headed for Yale this fall. He writes about anything from politics, to world affairs, to the stock market, to his current obsession with the last Harry Potter book. He interned in Washington a few months ago, which made for an scintillating read. Yeah, I said, scintillating! Anyway, I immediately thought of you and that you two would really hit it off. I'm pimping blogger buddies. :( Here's the link:Demosthenes at The Golden Compass.