Wednesday, February 14, 2007

BYU Confusion

Okay, so I was in my Math Modelling class early yesterday, and it was myself and two other guys talking about Valentine's day. It came into conversation some confusion that we had all experienced, and there were two specific situations that we discussed.

First situation- You see an extremely pretty girl and you're just checking her out, enjoying the view, and, in a few cases maybe approaching her and talking her up seeing what's going on. But, after a few seconds, you realize- she's pushing a stroller. With two kids. This is possibly the biggest dissapointment ever, however it can be matched and exceeded by the second case which was discussed.

Second situation- You see a very pretty girl- just her head, perhaps legs, but you miss the torso. She turns a corner and you get the full view- she's pregnant. How does this happen? I really don't get it. Like, you'd think pregnant women would look a little bit pregnant. I mean, my oldest sister doesn't look very pregnant when you just see her head. It really is confusing- I would guess it's a children of Mormons things, I dunno.

We discussed both of these at some length, and then pointed out that it was something like an optical illusion. I think that was the best way to describe it at least. But the point is- girls get married early. And then they confuse younger guys.

Right now I'm in the commons room on our floor. For some reason my room's internet jack is messed up. So I came in here. there's a conversation going on about early morning seminary- it's quite fun. I miss High school a little bit but not terribly so, but I've gotten over it for the most part. I'm excited about next semester- when all my the guys from Houston get here and it's gonna be kickin.

Okay, time for sleep.

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Hannah said...

Maybe I will get a stamp for my forehead that says "Knocked Up" to avoid confusing anyone. Although I think I am too old to confuse your friends too much.