Saturday, December 09, 2006

My Life

My life has been changed because of this video. Watch it now. Join me.

I'm coming up on the last week before finals and I though I’d let everyone who might glance at my blog get a last update before I go into reclusion. Life is going really well, I'm working things out just like I want to, and people are awesome. I couldn't ask for anything to be going better than it is. I'm excited for finals. I think my poli sci especially because I feel like I actually learned in that class rather than sat there and ignored everything he said. Book of Mormon should be good as well, and I'm just hoping to get a B on the America Heritage Final.

I've got this bar of 71% Organic Dark Chocolate. It doesn't have a brand as far as I can tell, unless you count, "Equal Exchange Fair Traded" as a brand. This bar's wrapper is full of what I believe to be bunk. Let me share the back of the wrapper: "Equal Exchange and the Benefits of Fair Trade Our rich chocolate bars are crafted using the best quality organic cocoa from the Dominican Republic and Peru. We work with small farmer cooperatives who cultivate this coca using environmentally sustainable methods. By choosing Equal Exchange fairly trade products, you help provide small farmers the resources and opportunities they need to build a better future for their families and communities. Learn more- See inside wrapper" What genius! They don't explain too much, and apparently Equal Exchange is the brand ( but something still seems iffy. I love the idea of helping poor farmers, don't get me wrong, but I'm a skeptic by nature, and something strikes me as odd. But, assuming they're not lying, I love it. I can't wait to taste this chocolate bar- 71%. I had a 68% from Hershey’s the other day and it was heavenly. This bar is also kosher, which is good for the bit of Jewish I still sometimes feel resides within me. You may think I'm joking around, but whenever I see meat and dairy I get a little queasy. This bar has a nice kosher stamp too- Rabbiner Abraham Hochwald so you know it's good quality. I'm saving this bar for final reviews- I'll need some comfort food no doubt.

Weird that college turned me into a chocolatier, I know, but there's got to be some release, and chocolate is a good one, I'd say. Made sipping chocolate over at Nathan's the other night- wow. Used a big bar of 72% with milk, sugar and vanilla, plus whatever else he found in that recipe online. It came out great. Very dark and rich and just wow. I'm watering at the mouth just thinking about it. Though, I must admit, it was not as well presented as the sipping chocolate at the Museum of Art is. The presentation on that side is quite amazing, in a nice little cup with half a pirouette on the saucer with it. Just superb.

Well, that's me for now. I'll get back to you about the 21st with maybe one post in between now and then. Go Texans!

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A Progressive Citizen Activist said...

fair trade is awesome. f nafta. it undermines democracy and exports our jobs overseas for less money. which means wages compete downward, and that screws over everyone except for the multinationals.
you should read former vice pres of the world bank joseph stiglitz's take on free-trade globalization:

alter-globalization will win. it's tastier.