Monday, November 20, 2006

Big Week

A lot of important things are happening this week. Numero Uno is I return home for the first time in a few months for Thanksgiving, which, incidentally is the second big thing. I realy cannot wait to just get home and see people, hang with the family and have an awesome holiday. Not to mention my drumset is at home, and I really want to play something soon on that just because it's been so long since i've had a real drumset session.

Second big thing: BYU v. Utah. Yes, BYU has cemented it's place as the Mountain-West Conference champions, and yes they have been invited to the Las Vegas Bowl, and yes their record is actually really good, but there is one hitch. If we don't beat Utah, this season will really have meant nothing. The rivalry is the biggest thing this season has going, and BYU is a good enough team to beat the Utes. If we do, it'll be the highlight of our season, no doubt, but we have to thwomp them good.

Third big thing: Tomorrow is the return of the Roc, H.O.V.A, the Jay-Z. Kingdom come due out in stores tomorrow. If you haven't already seen the single (Show Me What You Got) then go see it. The single's not quite what I expected, but if the album lives up to Jay-Z's name, then it should be worth checking out.

Fourth big thing: I am coming home for Thanksgiving.


Hannah said...

I just have gotten so used to defeating BYU over the past four years I am not sure that I could process a loss.

Therefore, we're gonna beat you guys once more.

Anonymous said...

I gave up hope on BYU football a long time ago.