Friday, January 27, 2006

Smoothie King

is the best.

Jamba juice is like the bad tasting, uncool version of smoothie king. Smoothie king is pure goodness.

So, I'm definitly ready to go off to college.

P.s. sorry for the whole lack of posting things... I'm just kinda busy. When i'm unbusyed, you'll see a new story or something.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006


I got my acceptance letter yesterday.

Also automatic pants are a cool concept, but I doubt i'd wear them.

Friday, January 13, 2006

What's on my Mind

Well, today was friday the thirteenth, and it was relatively okay. I did, however, have the dumbest english test ever of all time where we had to relate a Martin Luther King quote to Ernest Hemmingway's The Sun Also Rises. I swear she only picked that because monday is Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. There is no other plausible reason, as it was a huge stretch for anyone, and I mean anyone to relate the quote to the book. I would have been better off making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and turning that in. I would have definitly gotten a better score.

I did get a passing grade on the APUSH pop quiz, which was amazing, considering I put Chuck Norris down as an answer (it wasn't correct, I just felt the need to put his name on my quiz). I think I did fairly well on the DBQ, and then my other project in there is coming along nicely. I'm feeling the good vibes for the Privy Council.

Physics... meh. Test was hard, but I think I can pull out a B for the semester. I'm beginning to get it all connected. Precal- nothing too big. Finishing off some homework this weekend. Test was a cinch. Gov/Econ- both easy.

I'm ready for the rest of the year, I dunno about you guys, but I am.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006


I think one of the more unique things about me is perhaps my rather large and amorphous vocabulary. I have no problem shifting from on moment West Coast ("yo, duude, keep it real!") to then Midwest ("Look at 'em grain silos") to Southwest ("Got any hot sauce for my pancakes?") to Northwest ("I cahn't remember where I pahked the cah.") to West Side ("Werd dawg, be illin.") to Adam West("I'm a mayor.").

Colloquialisms, if that is a word, which it's probably not (thus my amorphous vocabulary strikes yet again), are my specialty. I am fluent in hipster, spanglish, jiiberjabber, jive (please tell me some gets that movie reference), street, dirty south, and most variations of surfer. I stay "deck" with my "homies" just wanting some "muy bueno food" while I keep "talkinthatcrazystuff" and then once I "get my eat on" I can "live it up" and still "hang loose."

See? I could be stranded in practically anywhere (i.e. California, Texas or Utah) and I would blend in to whatever enviorment I need to. Heck, I should work for the CIA, because then I could infiltrate hipster gangs and then realize that hipsters pose no actual three to anyone. I could infiltrate the highest echelons of the surfers to find out exactly how many different ways the word "dude" can be used, I could even figure out exactly what Mike Jones means by "wrapped in four fours." I would be highly valued as a street agent. I would, however need a sidekick, one who could provide comic relief for my brooding want to be loner personality.

so, here are some words I use regularly, their origins, and what they mean

defunked- means true to the original. I made this one up because "defunct" is a stupid word with a stupid meaning.
krunk- crazy, as in, losing control of some basic body functions, but with no alcohol. dirty south
deck- cool, or tubular or rad, depending on whatever ishtar era you grew up in. hipster
ishtar-all things not deck; also, lame. hipster
no dice- literally "you didn't make it." used to refer to when someone tries,. And puts up a good effort, but fails. unknown origin
yah, werd- no particular meaning, most commonly, "I understand" or "can you dig?" also "What's going on?" combined dirty south and surfer
trippidacious- if you've never been on drugs, but feel like you're on a trip. origin unknown

That's pretty much it. Any questions?

Best. Surprise. Ever.

So, as I went outside this morning to get the newspaper, my eye caught upon something tied/taped to the bench in front of our house. It was in fact a birthday surprise from my stalker, The Smiling Infidel. I have to say thanks just publicly, because it was really more thoughtful than I think even she thinks it might have been.

In other news... My friend Clint got pretty badly injured last night when he went to do a dunk of another guys back. He came down on his head, and couldn't remember some stuff, and I heard there was an ambulance, so I'm hoping he's doing alright.

Monday, January 09, 2006


Today is my birthday.

I'm happy.

Friday, January 06, 2006

Best news of the year...

I got a 30 on my ACT.

I'm fairly happy, considering that's better than the 26 I predicted I would get.


Wednesday, January 04, 2006

What is Shaving Cream Made Of?


Deionized Water,
Palmitic acids,
Stearic Acid,
Fatty Acid Esteres,
Aloe vera gell,
Peg 90M,
blue #1,
D&C Yellow #10

Monday, January 02, 2006

The story

Well... Here's a story no one has ever heard before. I went to Cancun this past summer with my family, and I spent a week there, and in that time, for one day I was totally sick. I mean, just completely throw up everywhere spend the day half dressed kind of sick, whilst my family went out scuba diving. I had a looooong day at the hotel, and some weird stuff happened, all of it within 50 feet of my room.

First off, the day I got sick was also the day Natalie Halloway disappeared in Aruba, so I, being in the sick state that I was, got paranoid like no ones business. Room service came by at about 11:30, and I refused to let them in unless they slipped some sort of identification under the door. They went on to the next room, and when they came beck, I started shouting random words I remembered from the Spanish subtitles of Nickolodeon TV shows I had been watching. Roughly translated, I told them something about a large cow eating food. I think. At about Noon, I decided I was hungry, and went downstairs to try and bargain with the hotel gift shop into giving me a meal for the 40 pesos I had. I brought a coke, a pb and j sandwich, a bag of chips and an ice cream thing to the counter and put the 40 pesos down. The counter person told me I only had enough money for the drink and chips. I told her I wouldn't hold it against her if she gave me the other stuff for free. I said I hadn't eaten since last night, and my family had left me to snorkel for the day, and wouldn't have a chance at food for a while. She gave it to me, free of charge. I ate all of it before I got back to the room, and took the elevator back up.

Inside of the elevator was the next incident, because a bunch of kids on a high school spring break came in with me. Keep in mind I was paranoid, and they were drunk. I stood in the back corner and kept to myself. One of the louder kids was obviously terribly drunk for just after noon, and I tried to feign disinterest. They got off about three floors below mine, and as the doors were shutting, I nailed him in the back of the head with the coke bottle. Then, for the rest of the trip up I stared at all of the signs in the elevator. One struck me as unusual, in my sick and paranoid state. It read, "In case of fire, use stairs." I punched it and yelled very loudly, "In case of fire, stop drop and roll! That's one thing America was at least able to teach its children about fire safety that Mexico's elevators have yet to learn." I was definitely screwed up. I only remember because I wrote it all on my boarding pass when I got to the room.

My family came by later, and I was feeling better. I decided I was well enough to go out to dinner with them. Huge mistake. I got to the restaurant, and immediately started feeling horrible. I told them I had to leave, but my Dad was just, "Can't you stay with us for a meal?" When I made it evident I couldn't, he gave me some money to either catch a bus or get a taxi. He actually hailed a taxi right there, asked for the fare, and gave it to me. But that was only after I told him I refused to ride the bus and we had a big argument about it. I told him I'd rather walk than ride the bus, and as I slipped into a more delirious state, I walked.

Five miles to my hotel, in the dark, on the streets of Cancun, during the middle of spring break. I really don't know what was up with me. I walked all the way to the hotel, but realized I was also starving, and went to the combination gas station/money changer/McDonald/subway. I convinced myself that they subway would be the best, and I ordered it and ate it outside. It was disgusting, and I threw up the part that I ate almost immediately. I then hailed a cab to take me from literally across the street up to the hotel (to be fair, it was on a steep slope) and then I stumbled into my room. I don't think I'll ever forgive my dad for wanting to make me ride the busses of Cancun alone, and then letting me walk back to the hotel. A lot of stuff happened on that walk, stuff too scary to tell here, and none of it I want to remember.

Well, that's the story of the Cancun sickness (which was not, by the way, Montezuma's revenge).