Saturday, June 16, 2007

i'm really enjoying my wiki

I've added an FAQ, and dating application, and have fixed some of the formatting issues that existed previously. That page just fits my sense of humor so well- something about it is just so me.

I'm trying to get more people interested in this blog. That and my Echo Boomer Finance blog. I really enjoy blogging, and I wish more people would read them- I've posted facebook listings, I import notes to my facebook, and I just try and get my name out there, in hopes that people will recognize me and like what I say.

I'm going to try and move more towards writing- long articles, reviews, advice (for the finance blog) and so forth, in hopes that moving away from the journal-entry style of my posts will make this blog more... viewable. But I won't be moving completely away, don't fret. I'll still have witty insights and lifetime updates.

Pictures of my nephew to come.

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elasticwaistbandlady said...

You gotta get street cred. with your everyday Mormon mommies. They're my most faithful commenters. Funny since I don't seem to fit in with the ladies in my ward but I've made friends chock full of Mormony goodness all over the country.

What are you waiting for? Start blogging some cutesy kid stories with a healthy dose of potty training advice, and you'll have mommies crawling out of the woodwork to read your stuff. Not sure if thats your targeted demographic, but......