Wednesday, February 28, 2007

School and Stuff

Okay, school is getting to be relatively normal again after a slew of tests and papers. My sleeping habits are still a bit out of whack, but not terribly so. My Math Modelling class is getting weirder and weirder. We're trying to develop an algorithm, based on probability, for the show Deal or No Deal. I plan on basing my algorithm solely on the probability of Howie Mandel going on a murderous rampage. Scarily enough, the odds are one in five.

My Biology class is amazing. I love my teacher, he teaches so passionately and knows so much random information. We go out on these great tangents, and he's got so many good anecdotes and he has done so much great stuff, e.g. he helped write my ninth grade biology textbook. But what I love about his class is that it does so much more than just teach biology- I had to go back to the original works of Millikan and Rutherford. That stuff was difficult to understand but then I had to quote them appropriately in my paper.

My Book of Mormon class is crazy- my teacher is insanely intelligent, knows so much about languages and the Book of Mormon, and has truly taught me how to study the scriptures. There are little things that I'm figuring out and it's cool because when I read them and notice them on my own, it just adds so much for me to everything that I do. After all, the only reason I do it is because I believe the scriptures and I try and do all that believing the scriptures requires of me.

My Arabic class is really difficult. We speak no english, in 101. All the other 101 sections get grammar in english, but we have to get everything in Arabic. Admittedly, this is my hardest class, but it'salso my favorite class- it just seems so right to learn how to speak it. It's a beautiful language and, I'm learning more and more, a beautiful culture and religion. I've got my own copy of The Holy Qur'an with english translation and footnotes. Reading it sheds a lot of light on stuff I thought was weird but now I kinda get- not just about Islam, but about a lot of stuff. There are deep truths to be learned in many places, I have no doubt of this.

So that's my school update. I will soon (read:in a couple weeks) put up the entry about Classical Art and its Objectification of Women: How Hip-Hop doesn't really Objectify Women and Paula Zahn Needs to Stick to Reporting News and Not Making Issues About her Personal Tastes in Music.

I might need a catchier title.


Kismet Keeper said...

We were talking about Islam in one of my History classes the other day, and it made me want to read the Qur'an, just for kicks.

Lexi Khan said...

Your schedule sounds kind of awesome! My sister is studying Arabic--actually, she just got back from Morrocco in December. Apparently it was amazing. I think I might start taking it in the fall... Arabic translation would definitely be a good skill to have.

Also, have you taken from Dr. Booth? Environmental Biologist? I reread your description of your bio class, and I guess you don't have him, but if you ever have a need to take Environmental Biology or whatever, you should take from him. He's good.

Anonymous said...

Hey did you meet Barbara Bush and Teri Hatcher's boyfriend today? I did.

And I saw George H. W. Bush, Harriet Miers, Tony Snow, and Teri Hatcher.

Umm, awesome much?

Lexi Khan said...

Next week sounds pretty crazy for you! You can handle it, though. Awesome that you do so much volunteer work--I definitely support that.

Speaking of which, in case you're interested, we're preparing for the IWD solidarity demonstration on Tuesday at 5 pm, in 101 of the HRCB (it's right at the bottom of some stairs... I forgot which stairs, but yeah). We'll just be making posters and putting together ribbon things and brushing up on our gender violence facts so we can answer people's questions intelligently at the demonstration. We'd love to have you for as long as you can spare, even if it's just ten minutes--plus, this is your chance to actually interact with a super awesome Board writer! :^P Anyway.

And thank you so much for coming to the Hunger Banquet. Seriously, thank you.

Lexi Khan said...


We can so be friends.

Lexi Khan said...

LOL, I'll be the hottest one there.

Just kidding. :^P

I can't think of anything really defining about myself you'd be able to recognize, except that I have longish curly darkish brownish blondish hair. Also, I will be dressed fairly tastefully. Don't tell the other people at the meeting I said that. But you know the crazy liberal type who always dresses kind of interestingly, with strangely colored hats and skinny pants and weird hairstyles? I will not be dressed like that. [Ever.] In fact, I hereby make a note to myself that I will be wearing a springy bright blue scarf. That is how you will find me.

Kismet Keeper said...

*blush* Gee, thanks. That is really sweet of you! =D