Monday, April 17, 2006

Prom Date

So far, my Prom attempts have been less than amazing- no date, but I am in a group. I guess that's cool, now I just need to get a date, y'know? That's kinda the important part of this whole thing. But who? Well, she's gotta be LDS, and my parents have to approve, and believe me, that list is not as long as you might assume it to be. There are really..... Three girls that I can ask. And one of them doesn't live in this state.

So, this pretty much bites, especially since my Mom has made a point of trying to make going to Prom the most difficult task ever. She's shot down two or three of my candidates for dates, and totally excluded one or two. What am I supposed to do, especially since I didn't get that one girl from Cy-Fairs number? I really should have. She was like... BAM! Wow, what a girl. She even bothered to come over and talk to me after the dance, and what did I do? Wished her a good night. She clearly wanted my number too.

I wish I could take Erica- that would be most excellent, but unfortunately, my parents nixed that idea. I can't wait till this fall, that should be fun. Chillin at college, seeing my sister, going to class and etc.

What am I to do?

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