Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Back to Blogging

Well, here we are again- I'm back to blogging, back to raising questions, answering them and debating them. I'm back to stay hopefully, so maybe people could read this and listen, who knows. I really don't have too many aspirations to this blog, considering all the work I've not put into it. I'll tackle tough issues though, like censorship, education, and really basic stuff.

I promise to you, all those readers in blog-land, that I will post at least twice a week, and when summer roles around, four times a week, occasionally every day except Sunday. I will not post lame things that promise later postings, I will post full fledged, interesting and intriguing things that you will enjoy reading and make you think.

In short, I, El Krunkeroso, will lead you through the magic world of my mind and how I operate. You might get scared, but just hold on for the ride, because it will be worth it.

-The Krunk

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