Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Some... Kinda Weird News and Normal News

Okay, first the kinda weird news. About... two years ago, I dated this girl, we'll call her Kara, we met at EFY, kept it up for a while, she went to BYU-I, we kept in touch, then eventually we broke up, a couple weeks later she was engaged, got married a year ago-ish. That's cool, right? It was a good relationship- she was a wonderful girl and we had some excellent memories (that was the year I did stand up at EFY- oh man did people love that), and I was happy for her when she got married. There's a funny story about that, maybe I'll share it with you some other time. But anyways, I just recently talked to her, lemme see if I have a copy of our conversation... oh yeah, here we go:

me: (Kara)?
her: Dan?
me: wow. it's been.... forever
her: yeah it has
her: hows it goin!?
me: how are you?
me: It's going alright. I'm almost done with my second semester at BYU
her: w00t
her: nice
her: im good. very pregnant lol
her: whats your major?
me: i just changed it to management w/ an emphasis in finance
me: wait.... you're pregnant?
me: oh wow

So yeah, she's pregnant. And I dated her, so now a girl I dated is going to have her kid (his name is Maximus) in 5 weeks. I'm very... happy? But it's such a surreal realization, especially since my oldest sister who is somewhat older than Kara, and they're both having their first kid within a month and a half of eachother. This is all a bit much for me to take in. Can anyone bring some perspective to this that perhaps I'm completely blind to?

Life is good, school's wrapping up and I'm all wrapped up in school. I'm seeing all of my guy friends get their calls- I'm excited for them. Four are getting them in the next couple of days, and I am just thinking... I've got a couple months until I even put in my papers! I know it's crazy but I'm already really excited. I'm applying to be a Y-Group Leader for next fall. Wish me luck on that- it's be way fun, but I doubt they'll take me since I'm still pre-mish.

I'm working on getting work for this summer. There's so much I can do I honestly don't know when it's going to go off or what exactly I'm going to end up doing. I just know that I want to visit my nephew, work, work-out, and go to this rifle/ handgun school with my dad and brother.

It's a long, strange road ahead, and I think I'm just beginning to see where it's going.

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