Wednesday, January 11, 2006


I think one of the more unique things about me is perhaps my rather large and amorphous vocabulary. I have no problem shifting from on moment West Coast ("yo, duude, keep it real!") to then Midwest ("Look at 'em grain silos") to Southwest ("Got any hot sauce for my pancakes?") to Northwest ("I cahn't remember where I pahked the cah.") to West Side ("Werd dawg, be illin.") to Adam West("I'm a mayor.").

Colloquialisms, if that is a word, which it's probably not (thus my amorphous vocabulary strikes yet again), are my specialty. I am fluent in hipster, spanglish, jiiberjabber, jive (please tell me some gets that movie reference), street, dirty south, and most variations of surfer. I stay "deck" with my "homies" just wanting some "muy bueno food" while I keep "talkinthatcrazystuff" and then once I "get my eat on" I can "live it up" and still "hang loose."

See? I could be stranded in practically anywhere (i.e. California, Texas or Utah) and I would blend in to whatever enviorment I need to. Heck, I should work for the CIA, because then I could infiltrate hipster gangs and then realize that hipsters pose no actual three to anyone. I could infiltrate the highest echelons of the surfers to find out exactly how many different ways the word "dude" can be used, I could even figure out exactly what Mike Jones means by "wrapped in four fours." I would be highly valued as a street agent. I would, however need a sidekick, one who could provide comic relief for my brooding want to be loner personality.

so, here are some words I use regularly, their origins, and what they mean

defunked- means true to the original. I made this one up because "defunct" is a stupid word with a stupid meaning.
krunk- crazy, as in, losing control of some basic body functions, but with no alcohol. dirty south
deck- cool, or tubular or rad, depending on whatever ishtar era you grew up in. hipster
ishtar-all things not deck; also, lame. hipster
no dice- literally "you didn't make it." used to refer to when someone tries,. And puts up a good effort, but fails. unknown origin
yah, werd- no particular meaning, most commonly, "I understand" or "can you dig?" also "What's going on?" combined dirty south and surfer
trippidacious- if you've never been on drugs, but feel like you're on a trip. origin unknown

That's pretty much it. Any questions?

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elasticwaistbandlady said...

My family's from Indiana and we speak rapidly and gesticulate wildly with our hands. My Mom married a Texas guy who was laid back and had the classic Southern drawl and lexicon.In arguments neither one could understand the other so I was always called in to be the interpretor.

Now, the real test of your prowess will be if you can understand and imitate toddler speak because that would be a valuable commodity to possess.

Yo, check you later thug.