Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Best. Surprise. Ever.

So, as I went outside this morning to get the newspaper, my eye caught upon something tied/taped to the bench in front of our house. It was in fact a birthday surprise from my stalker, The Smiling Infidel. I have to say thanks just publicly, because it was really more thoughtful than I think even she thinks it might have been.

In other news... My friend Clint got pretty badly injured last night when he went to do a dunk of another guys back. He came down on his head, and couldn't remember some stuff, and I heard there was an ambulance, so I'm hoping he's doing alright.


elasticwaistbandlady said...

The Smiling Infidel moves stealthily through the night perpetrating victimless pranks and bestowing oddball presents to the unsuspecting.

Did you like the pink leopard print gift wrap? My daughter, Sunbum picked that out just for you and the Winnie the Pooh card from my stash.

I hope you aren't referring to Clint (last name rhymes with nickel)as the injured person. When I joined the Church a few years ago, his Mom was my very first visiting teacher. Is he okay?

Dan the Man said...

It was not Clint last name whymes with nickel, so don't worry. The Mom you are referring to was my seminary teacher last year, and the clint from the story is doing fine, just has a 6-8 week recovery.