Saturday, March 10, 2007

I Had a Dream...

This is pretty significant. I don't often have dreams, and the ones I do have I only remember a few bits and pieces and I try and fill out the details. For example, I somewhat recall a dream where I was hiding under a counter in a bowling alley because the FBI had come in and for some reason were shooting at the bowlers (here's where it gets hazy, and I'll put what I seem to remember in parentheses) because of... (marshmallows) but no one wanted to give up their (marshmallows) because (we were anti-fluorescent lighting. I swear that what I can recall.) So the FBI (blew up the bowling alley) but everybody lived because (we were wearing our anti-bomb belts.)

I hope no one ever tries to analyze my dreams. Except maybe the one from last night- it began with me in an interrogation-style room, sitting in a cold chair. There was the whole one light hanging from a chain, one door, table in front of me, looked straight out of a good cop/bad cop scene. So, the door opens, and in walks (I'm going to say walks because it really moved like a walk) a cube. It's red and yellow and green. No particular order- just those colors, it comes in, walks around me, and then stops in front of the table, which is in front of me. The colors start going randomly, just racing across the faces of the cube, and then they stop, spell hello, and the cube disappears. No poof, just gone. The door opens again, this time in walks a stick man. Exactly like what it sounds- a head with a line for a body, and lines for arms and legs. He comes in, circles me, shakes his head dissaprovingly (he didn't have a face, but it was almost certainly dissaprovingly), turns sideways and disappears. You know how sometimes in your dreams you hear yourself talk? I heard myself think- "What is going on?" There came a third, and final visitor, a skeleton, who, like the cube and stick figure, walked around me, and then stood in front of me. He mouthed (if that's possible for a skeleton- but I could understand) the word goodbye, and then was gone. I stood up, fell on my knees, and screamed "Why?" After that, I stood up, walked out the door and woke up.

When I woke up, I wrote this down, and the entire time I was shaking. This was a really weird dream.

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