Monday, January 29, 2007


School is getting crazy. I've got two papers to write soon, plus Arabic every night and then I have to read for all of my classes and so I needed a little break and I thought, hey why not write a blog entry? I am usually pretty good at doing those, and it relieves stress because I get stuff off my back that otherwise I might not be able to.

Anyways, I'm now making money off this blog. Now, I am not saying you should click those ads. That would be wrong for me to selfishly promote myself like that, and according to the Terms of Service, I cannot, so I will not.

I was reading through my blog archives and I stumbled upon an idea I had once, and I quote, "Automatic pants sound cool, but I doubt I'd wear them." I stand by that statement, it's one of the few things I've ever said that I believe should be universally accepted and so here we are.

I bought a copy of The Doctrine and Covenants/ The Pearl of Great Price in Arabic for my Arabic class. It's really hard to read, but all I need now is a copy of the Book of Mormon in Arabic, and a Quran in Arabic with English translation and footnotes preferably. Learning it is hard but I think I'm getting along okay.

I'm being ordained an elder soon. I'm really excited about it, to tell the truth, because I've been waiting for a while. I sometimes love having graduated early because I'm young and I'm getting this stuff done early, but sometimes I hate it because I'm young and everyone else is older. But it's never terrible, thank goodness. I don't have a roommate, but my floor is pretty cool.

I've sent my dad my resume for whatever job I'll be working this summer- well, not whatever job, I'll be interning with Deutsch bank with any luck, but it's where I'll be interning. Probably Houston, but there is a chance I'll be in London, and hopefully wherever I work, I will have the chance to go to the Middle East and use my Arabic language skills. We'll just have to wait and see- I'll be updating this blog more often as I get the chance, and who knows, this many become a regular thing.

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