Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Rebuilding New Orleans

I had an epiphany whilst watching the Reggie Bush Project ( New Orleans isn't quite back on track, but Reggie Bush seems to be a sort of uniting figure. So who is Reggie Bush sponsored by? Pepsi.

So what if Pepsi rebuilt New Orleans- from the ground up? Reggie Bush's face plastered all over, nothing but Pepsi availabel at any stores, and most importantly- big money for the Big Easy. What's better than a corporate sponsor for a major city? The city gets money, and jobs, and in return the corporate sponsor gets huge advertising and influence and respect. This could catch on. I'd love to see big names running big cities. Imagine it- the taxes would be lower for the citizens!

Honestly, this is a brilliant idea. They could even rename the city- Cherry Orleans with a twist of Reggie.

Get on it major companies!


channing said...

you do know companies practically do this already, right? (i can't tell if you're being sarcastic)

A Progressive Citizen Activist said...

Yes, I was pretty thrilled when I learned Friedman kicked the bucket. Now if only the other Friedman (the one with the mustache whose book has sold too many copies) could die too...

CAFTA and NAFTA are going down. Fair trade will win.

A Progressive Citizen Activist said...

yes, but i'm for alter-globalization and fair trade. look it up on wikipedia.

basically, we can globalize without selling our souls and democracy out to multinationals and fucking over the little man (incredibly badly). We progressives aren't anti-globalization, just anti super-right-wing globalization that the World Bank and IMF have been waging as they destroy south america and africa and force them to privatize privatize privatize (even stuff like rainwater, in ecuador).