Thursday, October 26, 2006

I'm.... back?

Yes, the crazy world of blogging has once again tempted me. I am here at BYU and I have to say, it is amazing. I have way too much fun and not enough money and basically everything college is really about. Like just tonight I went to a poli sci club meeting where one of my professors was just for free food. I don't think i could do poli sci as a major, but hey, if they give me free food, i'm there.

Classes are going excellentally, perhaps finishing my midterms and having a short break are really the big two reasons I am posting this. I do have a paper to write, and one to revise, but it's nothing huge, I'll take care of that tomorrow morning. I love my friday schedule- I work out from about 6-7 a.m. and then eat breakfast, shower and change (in different places) and then go to the Maeser building to study for hours- I spent 8 hours there in one day last week studying. I grab a drink, boot up the laptop, put on some music, do my homework whilst playing minesweeper and then when i'm done I check out all my favorite sites and maybe if I'm lucky I take a nap. I have my american heritage lab at 2 p.m. so i usually get lunch about 1:30 or earlier. Then, after the lab i go and kill some time in the library or finish up homework in the Maeser building. I'm trying to start running or elliptical after this just to get in a good habit in addition to the MWF workouts and Saturday runs. Friday nights vary from awesome to amazing.

I think everything is going alright, i'll maybe put up another update in a week or so.

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