Monday, March 13, 2006

Spring Break

Wow, so these past few weeks have been pretty deck, werd?

Two Fridays ago- went to freebirds down on 1960- great, great place. Then that Saturday went to a Rice(#1) versus Cal State Fullerton(#6) baseball game with Scott, Nick and my Dad (Rice won), and so that weekend was awesome. Then, this past Wednesday, I went to the Rodeo with *Charlotte* to see Toby Keith- that was pretty much an awesome, awesome night, full of kettle corn, rodeo art, great stories, great food (including deepfried snickers), and a great ride home and overall, one of the best times I've had lately. So then, this last Friday, we went shopping up at the Woodlands mall, and that was pretty cool, ate dinner at Chili's, went to Hollister and got some new stuff. Then, Saturday we went to the BYU vs. A&M rugby game, where BYU dominated like 38-0. I know one of the guys on the BYU team, and turns out my Priest's Quorom advisor was there and had coached the guy I knew when he went to UVSC. Crazy world, ain't it? We had eaten at Freebird's before the game, and afterwards we went to Rudy's BBQ with a bunch of friends from the Colleyville era of my lifetime. I got home and then went bowling with Scott- it was alright overall, nothing spectacular.

So, now it's Spring Break and what have I done? I've cleaned up a lot of my room, especially my closet (got a piece of glass to stab my foot, yay!), but I've cleaned out my car as well, so there's been a lot of cleaning done, and I think I'm done with cleaning for today. I'll do some more tomorrow morning. But now... I dunno. Give me a call if you wanna do something.

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