Monday, July 02, 2007

topics i think about

Since my work is rather repetitive and formulaic, I am able to just set myself to auto-pilot and think. I've come up with a lot of things to think about, and so I though I'd share them with you. Some of these could go well on my personal finance blog, but don't quite fit.

-Urban finances: Their bank accounts- where they bank, how much they save, spending habits, anything they invest in, and what drives them to act. Also, the effects of advertising to urban culture and buying patterns from that advertising.
-Dilbert: it's scary how close Dilbert can come to my work life. I see it all the time, where I can almost pick out lines to put in thought bubble or word bubble. It gets really scary.
-Pokemon: I'm ashamed to say it, but I've been playing Pokemon Silver a lot lately. I'm to the final four, and will probably destroy everybody. I caught Lugia. It's so addictive.

Yeah, there's more. But I'm tired. Maybe later.

Update: I went through the final four and beat everyone, but lost to the Pokemon Master Lance. His dragon type are too much for me. But, I only had 5 pokemon, and one of them was eevee, who I'm trying to make evolve into umbreon. I'm also trying to catch Raikou, the legendary dog, because the one thing I'm lacking is a strong electric type pokemon, and I don't want to bother with raising one, I'd rather just get on that's already lvl 40. I have a master ball, and I've searched all over. Hopefully I'll catch him today. Soon... soon.

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