Wednesday, August 09, 2006

A very special post

A very special post indeed. I now have as many posts on this blog as I did at my last semi-consistent blog. The good news is, this one took half the time. 30 posts- that's a big number for me.

Also, guys, if you ever want to feel really really bad, just pack all of your belongings into five bags(garment bag, backpack, duffel, two suitcases). It's crazy realizing how much I have and how not long I'm going to be at home. I think I'm going to live off a few things for the next two and a half weeks just so I don't have to deal with packing again. Kinda crazy, I know, but after packing all that stuff I don't want to unpack it and then repack it when I have to go for real. I'd rather just repack the two pairs of shorts, two pairs of jeans, five t shirts, three undershirts, suit and white shirt, a couple of athletic things and the few other things I have when it's time to go. And of course my toiletries.

So, I hope to be able to update semi-often at BYU, though I might be too busy studying to bother with it. Hahaha, no seriously I'll try to be too busy studying to bother with it too much.

Interesting note: Blogger, on its spell check, doesn't recognize "blog" as a word.

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